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Aleppo Pepper

Aleppo Pepper

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Aleppo Pepper

A staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, Aleppo pepper boasts a sweet and smoky flavor profile, with distinct fruity undertones. Its tangy qualities make it as much a condiment as a garnish, and its heat makes it the perfect addition to so many dishes when you want to add some rich smoky warmth! It’s dark red color, flaky texture, and moderate heat make Aleppo a wonderful garnish for dishes, adding interest not only in terms of taste but also with its striking appearance. Browse through our excellent selection of gourmet spices and start adding the bold flavor of Aleppo to all your favorite dishes and recipes!

Named for the city of Aleppo located in Northwestern Syria, just south of the Turkish border. Aleppo begins as a pod, which, as it ripens, turns a striking shade of burgundy. Once the color is achieved, the peppers are then de-seeded and semi-dried before they are crushed and coarsely ground. Made from the dried and roughly ground Halaby chile pepper, Aleppo ranks around 10,000 on the Scoville scale of heat. Boasting a relatively high-oil content, Aleppo has deep aromatic flavors that are often compared to the ever-popular Ancho chili peppers.

Use Aleppo in the same way you might crushed red pepper, swirling it into pasta and scrambled eggs or adding a sprinkle to the tops of recipes for a pretty garnish and a boost of heat. Not readily available in American supermarkets, look to Gourmet Food Store for all your dried Aleppo pepper needs. Coming in a range of sizes, we offer dried ground Aleppo in 4-ounce, 14-ounce, and 1-pound bags. Resealable for your convenience and to help extend your pepper’s shelf life. Easy to store, you can include your new stock of Aleppo along with your other spices in a dark, dry place away from heat.

Ingredients: Aleppo pepper, vegetable oil, salt.
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