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Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi

from United States by Yamatsu Tsujita
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Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi

Use this delightful Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi to add a citrusy brightness to your dishes. For those who already know and love Tsukita-san’s classic shichimi togarashi, you’ll find this Yuzu variation slightly less spicy with an emphasis on the bright notes of Yuzu but a decidedly hot finish; thanks to the inclusion of Takanotsume (Hawk’s Claw) peppers. We love to use this spice blend to finish grilled fish and chicken or to round out the flavors of corn miso soup.

Yuzu Shichimi togarashi is a 7-spice blend that dates back hundreds of years within Japanese culinary history, perfectly encapsulating the cultural refinement of this great cuisine. Developed in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) in 1625, the ingredients that combine to create Shichimi Togarashi were first introduced to Japan by Portuguese missionaries around 1605. The seven prized ingredients that comprise this combination are Bansho Chili Pepper, Yuzu Fruit, Goma Toasted Black Sesame, Otane Hemp Seed, Shiso Japanese Basil, Sansho Chili Pepper, and Byakukyo Japanese Ginger. The result is a unique and memorable flavor offering a blend of spiciness, acidity, and subtle sweetness.

Ingredients: dried yuzu peel, red chili pepper, golden sesame seeds, sseaeed, Japanese pepper (sanshou), poppy seeds
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Asian Ingredient Categories: Yuzu
Origin: United States

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