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French Crispy Crackers with Garlic and Herbs

from France by Tresors Gourmands
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French Crispy Crackers with Garlic and Herbs

Delicately flavored with garlic and fresh herbs, these waffle-style crackers make the perfect partner to goat cheeses and smoked salmon. We love that they’re thin and delicate, which feels sophisticated, but also sturdy enough to stand the weight of dips and hearty spreads and pates. The light texture makes the savory and herbaceous flavor really stand out, which in turn complements the tangy flavor of chevres or the saltiness and earthiness of smoked salmon.

Tresors Gourmands makes these little waffle-style crackers in Erquinghem-Lys, in the very center of what’s called French Flanders, a region rich in history and tradition – and famed for these crackers! The distinctive waffle-weave pattern ensures your spreads stay put and don’t slide out.

Add a box of these when you’re buying cheese and smoked salmon online, and keep a stash for when unexpected guests pop up. Take them on a picnic or add them to a gourmet gift basket or hamper.

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Pantry Categories: Crackers and Bread
Origin: France

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