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Mini Fillo Shells - Frozen, Ready to Fill

from United States by White Toque
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Mini Fillo Shells - Frozen, Ready to Fill

These perfectly versatile little shells will become your new party best friend – the kind that’s always there for you and always makes you look your best! Made with flaky fillo dough, these little shells are ideal for that bite-sized treat you need for a cocktail party, and the best thing is, they can be used for savory or sweet preparations. Fill them up with your favorite mini quiche mix, like smoked salmon and goat cheese, for a savory hors d’oeuvre. Or whip up a sumptuous crème brulee and fill these up for an elegant dessert.

Our Mini Fillo Shells are prepared by expert pastry chefs at White Toque, a company that crafts gourmet food with the busy chefs and restaurateur in mind. These are professional ingredients for the professional, exclusively designed for when you need a professional look and feel, but don’t have the time to achieve it. The ingredients are all of the best and freshest quality, with that homemade feel and freshly-made taste we all love.

These phyllo cups are culinary life-savers! They’re pre-baked and frozen, so all you have to do it take them out of the freezer and let them come to room temperature for 15 minutes. Then simply fill and bake for another 10-15 minutes (depending on oven and filling). Fill them up with brie and some cranberries for a delightful holiday appetizer in just minutes, or with leftover Thanksgiving stuffing for delicious stuffing phyllo cups. Want to go a bit more casual? Stuff with guacamole and salsa for a fun take on nachos! Need an instant dessert? A scoop of ice cream and some fresh mints is delicious, or whipped cream and strawberries for decadence. Stock up on these for the holidays for easy appetizers and desserts and keep them in the freezer for Labor Day and 4th of July parties!

Ingredients: Organic Fillo Dough (Organic Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Wheat Starch, Organic Tapioca Starch, Organic Expeller Pressed Safflower/Soy/Sunflower Oil, Organic Malt Extract, Salt, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Tri-Calcium Phosphate), Organic Expeller Pressed Safflower/Sunflower Oil, Organic Palm Shortening.
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Questions and Answers

Q: Whereabout are you ???
A:We are based out of Boca Raton, FL. This product ships from our warehouse in Miami.
Q:Can these be baked empty and then filled
A:These fillo shells are fully baked, so you do not need to bake them at all if you prefer to bake the filling separately or just use cold fillings.
Q:What size inch wise are these shells?

These are the dimensions of the shells:

Top diameter: 1.75" (4.45 cm) - Bottom diameter: 1.25" (3.18 cm) - Height: 0.75" (1.91 cm)

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