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Butter Puff Pastry Round Sheets - Ready to Bake

Butter Puff Pastry Round Sheets - Ready to Bake

from United States by White Toque
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Butter Puff Pastry Round Sheets - Ready to Bake

Puff pastry is a must-have ingredient for any cooking enthusiast, regardless of their level of expertise. It allows you to easily create all manner of flaky sweet and savory tarts, with a buttery finish that can’t be beat. However, creating it from scratch can certainly seem like a daunting task, and that’s where we come in! White Toque brings us Read- to-Bake Butter Puff Pastry Round Sheets. With their high-quality French ingredients and preparation, these puff pastry sheets are super versatile and super convenient.

The 28% butter content not only ensures that these will be rich in flavor, but also that the flavor will last longer than puff pastry recipes containing vegetable oil. White Toque’s Butter Puff Pastry Round Sheets are also a must-have if you enjoy entertaining - most recipes can be assembled ahead of schedule and then baked just before needed.

There are numerous uses of puff pastry that give you sweet and savory options of quick and easy appetizers, main courses, desserts and snacks. Spinach puffs or a French Apple tart are but two options, while leftover puff pastry strands can be used to create twisted spiced cheese straws. You also have the freedom to simply wrap a chopped up sausage in puff pastry and create a delicious bite-sized snack for game night.

With a combined 50 years of experience in the specialty and frozen food industry, White Toque appreciates how demanding the food service industry is. This encourages them to continuously strive for quality and improving the frozen food market.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, water, salt, dough conditioner
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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