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Turron de Agramunt Avellana - Agramunt's Hazelnut Nougat

from Spain by Torrons Vicens
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Turron de Agramunt Avellana - Agramunt's Hazelnut Nougat

For one of the most traditional and authentic versions of Spain’s classic dessert Turron de Agramunt, you simply must try our Hazelnut Nougat from Torrons Vincens. The honey-based nougat’s sweet and chewy texture is punctuated by the crisp crunch of roasted hazelnuts perfectly sandwiched between delicate rounds of wafer-paper.

The ideal combination of texture and flavor, this delicious treat will quickly become a favorite of all who try it. A true pantry staple, our Spanish nougat keeps well, making it a convenient option for last-minute entertaining or when the sudden mood strikes for a little something sweet. Always there when you need it, you’ll never regret keeping your kitchen stocked with this exquisite delicious indulgence.

The Turron from Torrons Vicens is made with only the finest all-natural ingredients. Starting with crunchy roasted hazelnuts and traditional Spanish Turron nougat (which is made from a combination of sugar and honey), this emphasis on quality is apparent from the very first bite. The union of premium ingredients, time-tested techniques, and modern technology, combine to make Torrons Vincens the foremost producer of classic nougat in Spain. Pressed into 3.5-ounce bars, our premium nougat is available for purchase in single boxes or bulk packages of 10.

Ingredients: Hazelnut 60%, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, honey, wafer (potato starch), egg white. Does not contain gluten. May contain traces of other nuts and milk products.
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Sweets Selection: Nougat, Turron and Spanish Sweets
Brands: Torrons Vicens
Origin: Spain

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Hazelnut goodness!!
Sarah from Santa Clara, CA

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