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Trikalinos Bottarga Powder

from Greece by Trikalinos
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Trikalinos Bottarga Powder

Fill your dishes with umami with just a pinch of this unique and rare Bottarga powder by Trikalinos. Made from the dried and salt-cured eggs of the grey mullet fished in Etoliko, a protected seawater lagoon in Greece, Bottarga is a delicacy coveted by the best chefs – and it even has a special place in El Cellar del Can Roca, one of the best restaurants in the world.

The cured and salted eggs are pressed after drying and coated in beeswax to protect it, and usually served in thin slices. However, Bottarga Powder gives you the opportunity and versatility to use Bottarga as a seasoning, adding that special, intense flavor of the sea and fruits to dishes with just a pinch. Use liberally on soups and sauces for depth and fabulous flavor, sprinkle on linguine and clams for a great finish, or even top risotto. A sprinkle over foie gras, a pinch over deviled eggs…limitless flavor possibilities!

This superb Bottarga is sourced from Etoliko, a protected seawater lagoon in the central West coat of Greece. Started by three enterprising Greek brothers back in 1856, they’re a company that takes pride in their trade and their products. The fish – grey mullet – are caught like they have been for over a century, the bright orange eggs harvested and then dried naturally.

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Type: Bottarga
Brand: Trikalinos

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Questions and Answers

Q:How should I store bottarga powder after opening and for how long can keep
A:The Bottarga Powder should be kept refrigerated both before and after opening. Once opened, keep it tightly closed in the refrigerator and consume ideally within a month.
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