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Fleur De Sel with Bear's Garlic

Fleur De Sel with Bear's Garlic

from France by Terre Exotique
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Fleur De Sel with Bear's Garlic

An ingredient which marries the elegance of fleur de sel with the wild, rustic flavor and intense aroma of Bear’s Garlic. This wild-growing garlic from Bulgaria is foraged along the banks of streams during a short period in the spring, making it a rare find and a coveted herb among gourmet chefs. The leaves when crushed give out a pungent aroma of garlic, with sweet and spicy notes that carry into a dish.

Terre Exotique sources their premium fleur de sel not from France, as expected, but from the Ifaty salt works in Madagascar, a small unpolluted lagoon where the Vezo people harvest the salt by hand. This white pure salt is mixed with dried and crushed Bear’s Garlic, for an aromatic seasoning that’s perfect to enhance any dish, from the simplest scrambled eggs to a tart, roasted meats or grilled fish. The scent and aroma will be intoxicating, and we like to use this as a finishing salt, as cooking destroys some of the more beneficial properties of Bear’s Garlic.

This rare and flavorful seasoning will become a go-to ally in the kitchen, adding depth to many dishes, and bright flavor. Bring it out for grilling to finish off grilled vegetables, or use it to marinade meats. Finish off soups and stews, and even salads. Added to pesto, it will instantly add a new dimension to dishes – you can even try your hand at making wild garlic butter and create a simple but stunning snack or appetizer.

Ingredients: Fleur de sel, bear's garlic.
Storage: Keep in a dry place.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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