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Red Onions Compote in Balsamic Vinegar

Red Onions Compote in Balsamic Vinegar

from Italy by Tealdi
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Red Onions Compote in Balsamic Vinegar

A flavorful blend of Italian balsamic vinegar and caramelized red onions, come together in this superb spread by Tealdi. The combination of amazing ingredients and traditional cooking methods transforms the humble onion into a sweet jammy condiment. An excellent addition to a number of dishes and menus, try adding our red onion and balsamic compote to cheese platters, foie gras, or roasted meats, to enhance and complement their flavors.

Tealdi's rich compote is made by patiently cooking down fresh red onions in high quality Italian balsamic. Careful, slow cooking, over a low flame, renders onions that are unbelievably soft and caramelized. Once finished, the onions are quickly transferred to delicate glass jars and sealed. Finally done this amazing condiments only job is to enjoyed by you, the discerning gourmand. Composed of just a handful of ingredients, this simple onion compote is decidedly delicious. Regardless of what you’re making, a savory condiment like this makes a great addition to any meal. Perfect for all sorts of things from grilled steaks to smoked salmon, our red onion spread is a flawless combination of sweet and sour.

With their usual attention to detail, Tealdi of Italy has created yet another phenomenal product. Alongside an already dazzling array of classic Italian comfort foods comprised of pasta, polenta, seasonings, and sauces. Tealdi adds a delicious addition to the line-up with this scrumptious, savory spread. Round out the flavors of all your dishes with a fantastic balsamic and onion compote. Keep it on hand in your refrigerator, alongside your other condiments producing it frequently and apply it liberally, to enhance and compliment whatever you’re eating!

Ingredients: Onions 70%, sugar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, color: caramel E150d. Contains sulphites) 1.5%, salt.
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