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Tea Forte Wooden Presentation Case - Black Wood

from United States by Tea Forte
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Tea Forte Wooden Presentation Case - Black Wood

Boasting clean lines and masterful craftsmanship, our tea presentation box from Tea Forté, is made from black lacquered hardwood and lined with matching black velvet for a truly luxurious look. Specially made to house the carefully crafted silk pyramids of artisan tea created by Tea Forté, this tea presentation box opens to reveal eighteen, perfectly formed, triangular indentations. An ideal introduction to the extraordinary art of drinking tea, our presentation box is a deluxe three-dimensional tasting menu for you to curate and offer to your guests!

Solid but not heavy this presentation box is just the right size to allow you to create e a delicious selection of teas for your guests. Show off your expertise and allow your creativity to shine by creating a themed line-up to choose from. Whether it’s based on the event you’re hosting, the season, or even a color, our tea infuser box allows you to present a cohesive and stylish display to your guests and customers.

For novice tea drinkers, our tea infuser display box is the perfect way to display your teas while describing each of them. Our presentation box allows guests to experience a total sensory explanation. They can see the difference in colors, hear about the flavor profiles and nuances of taste, while also allowing them to smell and even hold the silken tea infusers. Once they've selected their favorite, using Tea Forté's complete tea brewing service set, prepare their tea right before their eyes! Transform the simple act of drinking tea into a true experience your guests won't soon forget!

Ingredients: Solid wood.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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