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A family-run company that that’s been cultivating rice for generations, Sivaris grows their premium rice varieties in the pristine Natural Park of Albufera, in Valencia, Spain. Supervising the entire process, from seed to packaging, Sivaris honors traditional methods and respects environment, supplying high quality products that translate into rich, flavorful rice for risotto, paella and any recipe that calls for the best rice.
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Italian Arborio | Risotto Rice | Gourmet Food Store
from Spain by Sivaris
A wonderful Italian short-grain rice with plump grains that cooks a soft, velvety and always creamy risotto.
Basmati Rice Extra Category
from Spain by Sivaris
A wonderfully aromatic long grain rice that cooks to fluffy and soft perfection, essential in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.
Black Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
A dramatic ebony rice that turns into a deep burgundy color as it cooks, full of fiber, antioxidants and a rich nutty flavor.
Carnaroli Rice Extra Category
from Spain by Sivaris
A thick and pearly white rice with great absorption, Carnaroli makes flavorful and creamy risottos every time.
Garrogon Beans - Dry
from Spain by Sivaris
Spanish butter-beans with smooth texture and savory taste, a great addition to chilies and paellas
Mediterranean Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
A round and plump absorbent short-grain rice perfect for many Mediterranean dishes like the classic Spanish Paella.
Brown Rice Extra Category
from Spain by Sivaris
Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, this versatile brown rice is cultivated in the Natural Park of Albufera, in Spain.
Spanish Bomba Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
An incredibly rare Spanish rice, this famous yet hardly known rice will transform a paella.
Vialone Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
Vialone Nano rice with small, plump, pearly grains, highly absorbent and great for making creamy risotto dishes
Wild Rice
from Spain by Sivaris
Wild rice from the aquatic plant known as "water oats" or "Indian rice." Great for salads, curries or side dishes
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