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Salmorejo Raf

from Spain by Santa Teresa
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Salmorejo Raf

Spain’s other cold soup Salmorejo boasts the clean sweet flavors of the Mediterranean's famous Raf tomatoes. A handful of simple aromatics including garlic, fresh ground black pepper, and salt, are an effective combination that highlights the singularly delicious taste of these very special vegetables. The addition of bread transforms this from a simple light soup into a thick, hearty dish that’s full-bodied and filling.

The Mediterranean Raf tomato is a big part of what makes our Salmorejo soup so special. Grown on Spain’s Almerian coast, this extraordinary tomato is the perfect combination of sweet and sour with an aromatic quality that makes its flavor unmistakable. Its brightly hued firm flesh lends this delicious soup a luxurious texture and a beautifully vivid color that makes it pop on the plate and adds drama to the table. Made in Spain in the classic preparation, Santa Teresa’s Salmorejo uses only the finest vegetables, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. Made fresh and shipped out immediately in refrigerated units, this soup is a burst of delightful flavor in every bite. Order some today for an authentic taste of this Mediterranean classic, just the way it would taste at any high-end bistro or restaurant in Spain!

Ingredients: Fresh tomato, raf tomato (20%), extra virgin olive oil (8%), bread (5%), (wheat flour, water, salt and yeast). Fresh pepper, fresh garlic, salt and sherry vinegar.
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