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Alaska Wild King Salmon Fillet - Wild Caught Chinook

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6 oz potion chilled $70.02 $26.61 1618001
4 lbs fillet chilled $56.50 $226.00 1618002

Alaska Wild King Salmon Fillet - Wild Caught Chinook

A standout product, totally natural and free of any antibiotics, artificial diets, or chemicals, we’re proud to offer our customers truly wild, truly delicious King Salmon from Alaska. Also known as Chinook, this highly prized fish roams free in the North Pacific Ocean (though it can be found further south). Rather than raised in farms, it lives free and it’s line-caught, the old-fashioned, laborious way. You’ll recognize this beautiful fish for that deep red flesh that’s unlike the pale pink farmed varieties, but biting in you’ll instantly notice that rich, velvety flavor that’s unmatched.

Wild Salmon is not only delicious – it’s also naturally organic and a nutritional powerhouse, filled with Omega-3 oils, those healthy fats that lower the risk of heart disease, and also reduce inflammation, and are vital for brain development and well-being. And you’re guaranteed to get a fish that’s free of any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics, what could be better?

This fish is large and portions beautifully into succulent, thick fillets that are perfect for broiling, pan-searing, baking or grilling. For a piece of fish so glorious as this, we recommend just a simple seasoning – don’t overwhelm that rich natural flavor with marinades or rubs, which will cover the nuances of this velvety fish. Because this fish is very delicate, we don’t remove the pin bones.

Our wild-caught King Salmon comes from Alaska, the undisputed kingdom of wild salmon. The remoteness of Alaska guarantees a pristine environment and unpolluted seas for the Chinook to roam, and the states’ fisheries management system in unmatched and envied. Wild salmon is a seasonal product, to ensure sustainability, and runs from May to October. So once you see these beautiful fish available, don’t wait!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.

Product Reviews

Extremely delicious! I would have liked more fatty skin left on to crisp up, but otherwise the flavor was incredible.
Michael from Athens, OH
Freash as can be.
Anthony from Oakland, CA
The best salmon I have ever eaten.
Teresa from WARRIOR, AL

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1618001 6 oz potion 0.30 lbs. - 0.45 lbs. $70.02
1618001 6 oz potion 0.30 lbs. - 0.45 lbs. $70.02
1618002 4 lbs fillet 3.50 lbs. - 4.50 lbs. $56.50
1618002 4 lbs fillet 3.50 lbs. - 4.50 lbs. $56.50
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