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Instant Pastry Cream - Cold Belcreme Powder

from United States by Pastry 1
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Instant Pastry Cream - Cold Belcreme Powder

Pastry cream is a foundational element of any chef's repertoire. The filling to cakes, pastries, cream puffs, and eclairs, the base to fruit tarts, and the mainstay of trifles and Bakewells everywhere! Rich and flavorful this thick custard add a luxurious quality to your desserts, and thanks to this instant Pastry Cream, its never been easier to make!

Also known as Belcreme powder, this ingredient is the key to gourmet pastry cream with little effort and a quarter of the clean-up. No more tempering, heating, or separating eggs. Just whip, rest and use! Enhance your favorite desserts and make ones you’ve never tried before with this instant pastry cream. This cream can be used by itself or lightened with whipped cream to create a classic diplomat creme. Make chibousts, souffles, and mousses in half the time. Fast and easy to prepare, this powder has an excellent shelf life so you can whip up all your favorites at a moment's notice.

How to Make Pastry Cream

When using this instant pastry cream, combine 1000 grams of milk or water with 400 grams of our cold process pastry cream. While mixing, slowly pour in the liquid, whisking all the time to avoid lumps. Transfer to a standing mixer and whip the combination for one minute on low, then raise it to high speed and continue to beat for five minutes until light and creamy. Allow to rest for fifteen minutes, then use. From the trained professional to the inexperienced home cook, anyone can make pastry cream!

Ingredients: sugar, modified starch E1414; sweet whey powder, lactose, skim milk powder, wheat starch, vegetable fat hardened, thickener E401, acidity regulators (E450, E263, E516, E331), nature-identical and natural flavors (milk components), emulsifier E471, colorin
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