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Ostrich Oyster Steak

Ostrich Oyster Steak

from United States by Broadleaf
8 x 1.5 lb pieces avg frozen $39.38 $472.56

Ostrich Oyster Steak

Ostrich meat has a large and devoted following thanks to its long list of excellent qualities. The perfect combination of flavor and texture, ostrich meat combines the rare traits of being both delicious and healthy. One of the most popular portions from this delightful bird is the oyster steak. Boneless, lean, yet extremely tender, our ostrich oyster steak from Broadleaf is sure to please. Easy to cook and extremely versatile, this steak can be prepared in so many different ways. Grilled, pan-fried, or even eaten raw in dishes like carpaccio, this cut enhances any dish or recipe it’s used in.

An excellent choice for the health-conscious gourmand, ostrich combines exceptional flavor, versatility, and nutrition into one delicious meat. Often compared to beef in terms of texture and appearance, you’ll find that it’s also similar in iron and protein content but with significantly less fat, cholesterol, and calories! Best served medium-rare, this lean meat cooks quickly and absorbs flavor readily, making it an excellent substitute in all manner of dishes and recipes you already know and love.

Our ostrich oyster steaks are sourced from one of the world’s leading purveyors of wild game and exotic meats: Broadleaf! Providing premium hard-to-find meats at exceptional prices has earned Broadleaf a reputation as the number one source for high-quality meat; this sustainably sourced ostrich is no exception. Browse through our complete selection of gourmet ostrich and all our other sensational meats from Broadleaf right here on Gourmet Food Store!

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