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Food Coloring, Violet

from United States by kopykake
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Food Coloring, Violet

There are a thousand and one ways to impart color to your culinary creations, but these methods are not all created equal. For the experienced chef, there’s no contest; when it comes to choosing food coloring, no one does it better than Kroma Kolor! Intensely pigmented, their food dyes offer you the widest range of possibilities. A single drop can achieve delicate pinks, while only a little more can help you achieve the deepest reds. Whatever look you’re after, Kroma Kolor’s products are here to help you achieve each of your delicious fantasies.

The world of food coloring is one of whimsy and imagination, but it also serves a practical purpose. Because certain colors are associated with certain flavors, food coloring also intensifies the correlation (in our minds) between color and taste. Great for everything from creating vivid colors you’d never find in food naturally to helping mask color loss during baking. Use Kroma Kolors to decorate all your foods with an intensity of color you won’t get from other food coloring products.

Ingredients: Water, propylene glycole and E127, E133. Blue1, Red3
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