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Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Bacon, Sliced

Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Bacon, Sliced

from United States by Heritage Berkshire
1 lb pack frozen $20.66 $20.66
15 x 1 lb pack frozen $18.59 $278.85

Berkshire Kurobuta Pork Bacon, Sliced

Made from 100% Berkshire Kurobuta pork, this gourmet bacon will take your breakfast to the next level! The heritage Berkshire pork breed is famous for its incredible natural marbling and dark red meat. Generous and even distribution of intramuscular fat melts during cooking infusing this specialty pork with a juicy, bold flavor. Tender and sweet with that classic smoky pork taste, you’ll be looking for excuses to work this bacon into every meal.

Pork is famously known as “the other white meat,” but that term doesn’t apply when it comes to Kurobuta pork. Unlike the anemic bacon, you’re used to seeing at the grocery store, Berkshire Kurobuta pork is striking with its deep red coloring and white veins of fat.

Thanks to its unique genetics, Berkshire pork is unlike anything you’ve had before. Descended from the hogs of the English royal House of Windsor, these blue bloods have been bred for centuries to create some of the tastiest bacon on the market. Superbly flavorful, Berkshire bacon stands out from the crowd. Add it to any recipe to enhance it with a savory, smoky flavor. Wrap everything from filets to asparagus to deliver deep, meaty taste and enhance whatever you’re cooking.

All natural, the Berkshire Kurobuta bacon from Berkshire heritage is always nitrate and nitrite free. Starting with the best quality pork and enhancing it with classic techniques and natural ingredients has made them a leader in the world of pork purveyors. Enjoy all their delightful products available for order at Gourmet Food Store!

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