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Salchichon Iberico - Sliced

from Spain by Fermin
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Salchichon Iberico - Sliced

A flavorful Spanish pork sausage from the famous Iberico Pata Negra pig, dry-cured in the mountains of Salamanca. The Iberico pig is prized for its naturally high intramuscular fat, which makes the meat incredibly buttery and more tender than any other. They're allowed to graze freely on the rich grasses and nuts of the Spanish dehesa woodlands, and those flavors translate into the meat. The Salchichon Iberico sliced sausage is seasoned with salt and pepper, enhancing the wonderful flavor. Serve as you would any dry-cured sausage, paired with cheeses, as part of a meat platter, or by itself on some fresh crusty bread.
Ingredients: Iberico pork, salt, seasoning (dextrin, dextrose), garlic, ng (sugar, trisodium citrate, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, sodium ascorbate), nutmeg, black pepper, white pepper.
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Smoked/Cured Meats: Jamon Iberico - Pata Negra, Sliced Meats
Origin: Spain

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