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Elk Bottom Round, Cap On

Elk Bottom Round, Cap On

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
1 piece, 5.5 lbs chilled $16.91 $93.00 2024703
8 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs chilled $13.67 $601.48 2024704
1 piece, 5.5 lbs frozen $19.66 $108.13
8 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs frozen $15.90 $699.60

Elk Bottom Round, Cap On

From slow-cooked roasts to perfectly seasoned steaks, we love elk meat, and our generously sized bottom round is no exception! The round is a versatile and flavorful cut that can be fabricated into a wide range of portions. Ideal for roasts thanks to its bold flavor, our Elk bottom round is tender enough to be cut into medallions, noisettes, butterfly steaks, and long steaks as well! Left with the cap still on, this thick layer of flavorful fat does wonders during the cooking process, rendering out into the meat and infusing it with savory taste while maintaining and enhancing its juiciness!

Comparable in price to another, potentially more familiar game meat, bison, elk is an affordable, delicious, and easy to prepare option, not to mention it’s practically bursting with health benefits! High in protein without being tough or tasting gamey, elk’s flavor profile is often described as tasting even meatier than beef with a distinctly sweet finish.

Free of hormones, antibiotics, and additives, our 100% premium elk from Broadleaf comes from sustainable farms located in New Zealand’s verdant countryside. Humanely raised our elk enjoy wide-open spaces and plenty of grasslands so they can grow and develop just the way nature intended. Free-range elk is easy on the environment, making it not only better for you but everyone around you! Sourced from one of the foremost meat purveyors in the world, Broadleaf has helped curate a selection of premium elk meat that remains unrivaled. Browse through our assortment today, and start diversifying your weekly dinner rotation with this delightful game meat!

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2024703 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 5.00 lbs. - 6.00 lbs. $16.91
2024704 8 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 40.00 lbs. - 48.00 lbs. $13.67
2024701 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 5.00 lbs. - 6.00 lbs. $19.66
2024702 8 x 1 piece, 5.5 lbs 40.00 lbs. - 48.00 lbs. $15.90


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