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Stracciatella Cheese

Rich, creamy, and salty with a mildly sweet finish, what’s there not to love about Stracciatella? A simple combination of shreds of Mozzarella cheese soaked in sweet cream and made fresh daily, Stracciatella is so much more than the sum of its parts. A celebration of dairy at its finest, you’ll love using this fresh cheese for everything from topping pizzas and swirling into pasta to rounding out your next Caprese salad or smearing onto a crusty slice of bread. With several varieties to choose from, we have a tasty selection of delicious fresh Stracciatella cheese!
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Fresh Stracciatella with Truffles
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
Stretchy shreds of creamy Italian-style cheese peppered with black truffle for added decadence.
5 out of 5 stars rating (5 reviews)
Fresh Stracciatella
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
Made in Miami the Italian way, this cow's milk cheese is lusciously creamy and soft with salty notes.
5 out of 5 stars rating (14 reviews)

About our Stracciatella Cheese

What is Stracciatella?

If you’re an Italian food lover, you’ve probably seen Stracciatella on various menus and peppered throughout cookbooks, however, you may have been confused by its placement. You'll find the word anywhere, from appetizers and salads to entrees and even desserts! It would seem that Stracciatella is not one dish or even one thing, but is three: a form of egg drop soup, an ice cream (gelato) flavor, and a fresh Italian cheese. So a better question might be, what isn’t Stracciatella?

The throughline between these three radically different foods; is contained in the word itself. Stracciatella, a diminutive of straccia meaning "rag" or a "little shred", denotes the technique used to create all three foods. The brothy soup contains shreds of egg, the ice cream is marbled with shreds of chocolate, and of course, the fresh cheese is made from shreds of mozzarella and cream. With the mystery solved and the potential for confusion now slightly abated be sure to browse through our gourmet selection of this tasty Italian cheese.

This cheesy variety is a delicious and versatile addition to your recipes. Full-flavored creamy and rich, you can safely add this mild cheese to so many of your favorite dishes with great success! We love to top slices of bread with it, alongside heirloom tomato and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction for a delicious appetizer your friends and family will adore.

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Stracciatella Cheese Questions And Answers