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Comte Cheese

Discover one of France’s most acclaimed and beloved cheeses, the centuries-old Comte. With its origins in the Jura Mountains, where Montbeliarde cows graze on floral pastures, Comte is produced from milk sourced from small local farms. We love Comte for its fruity, full-bodied flavor characterized by notes of salty caramel. Buttery yet firm, it melts beautifully, making it our favorite for fondue or anything au gratin. Its nutty, earthy flavor develops as it ages, so be sure to try different types of Comte – the minimum aging is four months, but can be aged for over a year – sometimes even two! Browse our Comte cheese assortment online at Gourmet Food Store.
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Comte - 5 months
from France by Fromage Marquis
The most popular cheese of France has a unique salty-sweet flavor combination, with hazelnut overtones.
4.5 out of 5 stars rating (12 reviews)
Comte St. Antoine AOC - Aged 10-14 Months
from France by Marcel Petite
A fruity Comte cheese with a supple and oily texture and a fruity flavor.
4 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
Comte St. Antoine AOC - Aged 24 Months
from France by Marcel Petite
This aged Comte St. Antoine from Marcel Petite is a rich, flavorful cheese.
Comte Fort Saint Antoine - 36 Months
from France by Marcel Petite
An exclusive Comte from Petit Marcel, Extra Grand Cru is aged for at least 3 years for an incredibly rich and complex flavor.
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Comte Bellecombe - 6 months
from France by Les 3 Comtois
Firm, buttery with a great nutty flavor, this mild Comte is perfect for melting.
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About our Comte Cheese

Nestled in the sub-alpine mountain range of the Massif du Jura, charming villages and luscious pastureland make up the picturesque countryside that is home to one of our favorite cheeses: Comte. The fresh grass and local flora provide flavorful grazing for the Montbéliarde and French Simmental cows imbuing their milk with the distinct flavors of the local terroir. From this milk, local creameries create the iconic flavors and aromas that distinguish Comte.

How Comte is Made

A combination of environment, enterprise, and creativity, perfectly align to create Comte cheese. Taking full advantage of every element of their surroundings the complex flavors of Comte are achieved through a series of stages, each one adding and intensifying the flavors in this very special cheese. Starting with the raw milk mentioned above, the fruitiéres of the Massif du Jura filter the milk then combine it with rennet in large copper vats. This step helps the milk to coagulate and the curd to form. The whey is drained and the curd is then pressed until a perfect wheel of Comte is formed. Brushed with a yeast and salt solution, the Comte is ready for aging. This stage of the process is also very localized. Aged in the cool and humid caves that have formed over the centuries in the Alpine mountain range, this natural environment provides the perfect surroundings to age cheese. Supplying the ideal ambient temperature the cheese absorbs the naturally filtered moisture from the caves resulting in the uniquely delicious taste of Comte cheese!

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