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King Crab Legs in Brine - 100%

from Spain by Chatka
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King Crab Legs in Brine - 100%

The seas are cold and unpredictable in eastern Russia, particularly those surrounding the Kamchatka Peninsula. Somewhere in the dark, wild depths of those waters lives the elusive Red King crab, also known as the Kamchatka crab. Scarce and notoriously difficult to catch, it’s the largest and most prized crab in the world – truly a delicacy of legendary repute – and gourmet experts hold the Chatka brand in particular esteem.

Each traditional retro can contains 100% leg meat, taken from crabs that are selected specifically to obtain the best pieces of King Crab meat. They are handled and cleaned with care, and boiled only in seawater, retaining their natural, briny quality.

The King Crab meat has a slightly sweet taste with a firm but succulent texture, and because of its resemblance to lobster, it can be used as a substitute for that meat in a number of dishes. Alternatively, eat the legs straight out of the can, or use them to make crab cakes, crab puffs, crab pasta, crab soup, crab dip…just about anything crab!

Buy king crab legs online courtesy of Chatka, who design and market their products according to strict quality criteria. You can find their crabmeat in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, as well as in supermarket counters and deli shops from Dubai to Madrid.

Ingredients: Extra king crab (paralithodes kamchaticus) legs 100%, water and salt.
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