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A Bright and Delicious Easter Menu

by Albertina Roca   |   April 3, 2015   |  

Whether you're celebrating Easter with brunch, lunch or dinner, chances are your guests will be expecting, well, the expected! Easter is full of food traditions, with dishes that have cultural and culinary significance for many. This year, we've chosen four emblematic Easter recipes that are guaranteed to add flavor, color and tradition to your table.

The Rosemary Roasted Lamb Leg is our special favorite, with a stunning presentation, but we're also huge fans of the plump Hot Cross Buns (just make sure you make them ahead of time to leave time for rising). Deviled Eggs presented in three delicious ways - including an Avocado Deviled Egg recipe we're just crazy about - are easy to make ahead and take with you if you're not hosting Easter this year. Finish it off with a light, colorful and buttery Ricotta Cake topped with juicy and bright citrus or other seasonal fruit.

Deviled Eggs 3 Ways

Colorful and flavorful, deviled eggs are a classic Easter appetizer - and the perfect portable appetizers for spring picnics and outdoor events. We made three deliciously different fillings to change things up a bit - smooth and buttery avocado, hearty and smoky bacon and cheddar, and a classic paprika deviled egg topped with classic black caviar.

deviled eggs

Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb

Perfect for your Easter feast, our delicious and tender Roasted Leg of Lamb recipe is a winning combination of high quality lamb with simple yet flavorful ingredients like fresh rosemary, lemon and garlic. Serve with your favorite sides - like mashed or roasted potatoes, and keep the leftovers for mouthwatering sandwiches and salads for the rest of the week.

roasted lamb leg

Hot Cross Buns

A traditional dish for Easter, Hot Cross Buns are delicious and decorative, serving to bring the Easter celebration spirit to the table. Make sure to make these with enough time to let them rise, as hot cross buns are a bit time-intensive. The results though are totally worth it!

hot cross buns

Orange-Strawberry Ricotta Cake

A light and fluffy cake gets loaded with fresh seasonal fruit and a sweet orange syrup! Our Ricotta Cake is perfect to serve with afternoon coffee and tea, or as a fresh dessert paired with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

ricotta cake

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