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The Best Fresh Mozzarella Comes From Miami

The Best Fresh Mozzarella Comes From Miami

Good, really, truly, mouthwatering, firm, elastic and fresh-tasting mozzarella is a cult item, and generally hard to come by. That’s because a lot of the times the mozzarella we buy at the store has the texture of plastic and no indication of any flavor. Great mozzarella should be firm and pliable, but still velvety, with a milky sweet flavor and aroma, full of nuances. And that’s exactly what Mamma’s Mozzarella from Miami delivers.

Made to order with fresh ingredients for every batch, Mamma’s Cheese makes classic mozzarella cheese, plus a decadent burratta and stratiaccela. To make sure their recipes were exactly what you would get in any Italian kitchen, the folks at Mamma’s flew in an Italian chef to train their staff in the classic techniques of making and stretching mozzarella. Mozzarella is made by hand-stretching the cheese curd, which is really an artisanal skill, and really what makes mozzarella so distinct and unique, and why it’s so important to have great and consistent technique.

To make sure their mozzarella gets to you fresh as fresh can be, Mamma’s makes their mozzarella to order. This means that they only keep a very low stock (that sells every day), and each order is made fresh for you. They source premium fresh milk and ingredients, but source their mascarpone and truffles from Italy. Yes, Mamma’s Cheese makes FRESH TRUFFLE MOZZARELLA! We can’t even begin to explain what a sumptuous thing of cheese beauty that is.

Besides the classic mozzarella, Mamma’s also crafts mouthwatering freshstracciatella. This unique cheese is not as widely known as regular mozzarella, but it’s a truly decadent delicacy. Stracciatella is the creamy center of stracciatella. With a name meaning "little rags", this soft-textured cheese is made from cow's milk cheese churned into curds. Following Italian style methods, the curds are stretched and shredded into ivory-hued strands that are soaked in heavy cream, providing a soft, milky and delicious cheese with hints of saltiness. Stracciatella eaten by itself, paired with juicy tomatoes or on top of salads, or spread onto bread and topped with a sweet jam or spread. Mamma’s makes a luxurious truffle stracciatella with little pieces of black summer truffles they import specifically for their cheese, which really takes this cheese to a whole new level of greatness.

We can’t talk about stracciatella without talking about burrata, all the rage these days in the culinary scene. Burrata is a velvety, creamier version of mozzarella. It’s made from the leftover scraps of mozzarella, which are blended into salted heavy cream and then wrapped in a stretched mozzarella casing. Cutting into a plump ball of burrata is a joyous moment, the creamy center oozing out, sweet and salty, milk and delicious. Burrata is perfect for anything from a salad or as an appetizer by itself drizzled with fine olive oil and aged aceto balsamico. Not content with having perfected their burrata, Mamma’s took things to the next level and created a luxurious Truffle Burrata, speckling the creamy center of their classic burrata with Italian truffles imported specifically to flavor their cheese. The richness creaminess and sweetness of the burrata combined with the earthiness of the black truffles makes for an intoxicating experience.


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