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Axis Venison Osso Bucco

Axis Venison Osso Bucco

from United States by Maui Nui
15-20 pieces, 4 oz each frozen $10.69 $45.43 2051201
2 x 15-20 pieces, 4 oz each frozen $9.25 $78.62 2051202

Axis Venison Osso Bucco

Known as ‘the food of kings,’ venison has been a favorite choice for centuries thanks to its deep and complex flavor profile and fine-grained velvety quality. Four times more tender than beef yet also leaner, venison combines the rare qualities of being not only delicious but also healthy. Nutrient-dense, lean, and ultra-tender, our Axis venison is an excellent example of just how good game meat can be.

Our venison is sourced from wild deer that enjoy a natural and varied diet, producing not only a healthier, more complete set of micronutrients but also exceptionally complex flavor and tender texture. Sourced from Maui Nui, our Axis venison Osso Bucco is not only an award-winning source of protein, but it is also one of the most environmentally conscious sources of meat available. To minimize stress, our Axis venison is harvested entirely at night. Swiftly and efficiently done, this practically eliminates the stress that more generic animals undergo during the slaughtering process.

Our Axis Venison Osso Bucco from Maui Nui is bursting with rich flavor thanks to constant use. While continuous exercise gives this portion a lot of complex flavors, it also tends to make meats tough. An easy workaround for these portions is to employ low, slow, moist cooking methods. Braising or sous-vide are great ways to transform a tough cut into a meltingly soft one you and your guests are sure to love. Sold in 15-20 piece packs, each of our venison shanks weighs in at about 4-ounces.

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2051201 15-20 pieces, 4 oz each 3.75 lbs. - 5.00 lbs. $10.69
2051202 2 x 15-20 pieces, 4 oz each 7.50 lbs. - 10.00 lbs. $9.25


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