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Wagyu Top Sirloin Center, MS3

Wagyu Beef Top Sirloin Center, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
9 lbs frozen $21.22 $190.98 2039401
9 lbs chilled $21.22 $190.98
4 x 9 lbs chilled $17.30 $622.80
4 x 9 lbs frozen $17.30 $622.80 2039404

Wagyu Beef Top Sirloin Center, MS3

Our Wagyu top sirloin center roast is a fan favorite. An excellent middle-of-the-road choice in terms of price point, the top sirloin has the flavor and texture of more expensive cuts but at a significantly lower price point. Our large Wagyu center roasts are available in a generous 9-pound option. A huge roast, this is the perfect choice when feeding a large party of people or catering a big event! While other meats tend to dry out during long stints in the oven, thanks to Wagyu’s high ratio of fat and consistent marbling throughout, there’s no fear of this large cut drying out during the cooking process!

There are many different cuts of beef out there, but one of our all-time favorites will always be the top sirloin center cut roast! Tender, juicy, and available at an excellent price, this roast just got even better when made from ultra flavorful and tender Wagyu beef. We love to serve this cut sliced thin alongside a delicious jus or gravy made from all those flavorful pan drippings! Also excellent when delicately sliced and layered into a crusty bun for a sensational roast beef sandwich, the culinary possibilities for this tasty cut are practically endless.

Carefully packed in well-insulated boxes, we take every precaution to ensure your gourmet Wagyu beef arrives in perfect condition. Available frozen or chilled, our Wagyu and all perishable items; are shipped overnight to your door for the utmost convenience and to ensure they stay in peak condition. Never has ordering and receiving ingredients been easier! Simply a click away, order our Wagyu top sirloin center roast today, and start enjoying it as soon as tomorrow!

Marble Score: 3
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: Does this cut contain the sirloin cap? Sometimes known as Coulotte?
A: This cut does not contain the coulotte.

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2039401 9 lbs 8.00 lbs. - 10.00 lbs. $21.22
2039402 9 lbs 8.00 lbs. - 10.00 lbs. $21.22
2039403 4 x 9 lbs 32.00 lbs. - 40.00 lbs. $17.30
2039404 4 x 9 lbs 32.00 lbs. - 40.00 lbs. $17.30


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