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Wagyu Eye of Round, MS3

Wagyu Beef Eye of Round, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
5.5 lbs chilled $15.22 $83.71
5.5 lbs frozen $15.22 $83.71 2003202
5 x 5.5 lbs chilled $12.20 $335.50
5 x 5.5 lbs frozen $12.20 $335.50 2003204

Wagyu Beef Eye of Round, MS3

Small, round, and boneless, our Wagyu Eye of Round steaks have big flavor and are easy to make, all while being one of the most economical choices available! Versatile as well, try preparing our premium Eye of Round steaks by first marinating then grilling, sous vide, pressure cooking, or braising. The gastronomical possibilities for this tasty cut are virtually endless!

Sourced from one of the leading meat purveyors in the world, Broadleaf derives all their premium Wagyu beef from Australian Wagyu herds. Raised on ranches where the time-honored Japanese traditions that made Wagyu beef the world’s foremost luxury meat, are still practiced; ensure that our Wagyu Eye of Round is the best version of this tasty cut you’ll ever try!

The biggest complaint about an Eye of Round steak is that it is “too lean,” and that, once cooked, it becomes tough and chewy. While that might be a concern for generic beef thanks to the fact that our Eye of Round steaks are sourced from premium Wagyu cattle, these steaks yield phenomenal results. Thanks to their genetics, Wagyu beef boasts an incredibly even and well-marbled meat, meaning even in generally lean areas, like the Eye of Round, you’ll get tender and delicious results. This wonderful ratio of intramuscular fat to meat adds flavor and richness and makes Wagyu a global luxury meat.

Lean and flavorful, our Eye of Round steaks are boneless, pre-portioned, and contain no gristle or sinew. This translates into quick, easy meals thanks to the fact that there is little to no preparation required. Ideal for so many methods of preparation, start enjoying the delightful taste of Wagyu beef today!

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