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Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll, MS3

Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye Roll, MS3

from Australia by Broadleaf
15 lbs frozen $22.00 $330.00 2002601
15 lbs chilled $22.00 $330.00
2 x 15 lbs frozen $18.00 $540.00 2002602
2 x 15 lbs chilled $18.00 $540.00

Wagyu Beef Chuck Eye Roll, MS3

Our Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll boasts bold meaty flavor and a versatility unmatched by most cuts. With some portions great for steaks and others perfect for roasting, this one cut can give you a whole host of delicious options! Already a flavorful portion, our chuck eye roll gets that much better thanks to the fact that it’s Wagyu!

Sourced from Broadleaf, our Wagyu beef options are some of the finest, rivaling even those straight from Japan. With the greatest attention to detail, Broadleaf’s Wagyu cattle herd is one of the largest in the world, and each of their cows is given the special care and attention required to ensure the best results. Using the same classic practices that earned the name Wagyu the respect and admiration it now holds, Broadleaf carefully upholds all those same time-honored traditions.

The chuck primal is home to many delicious cuts known for their big beefy flavor! From large roasts, ideal for low, slow cooking preparations, to more tender grill-ready steaks like the flat-iron, the chuck is one of our favorites! Located between the neck and shoulder blade the chuck eye roll is separated from the under blade section of the chuck roll. A delicious and affordable cut, the chuck eye roll is most easily imagined as an extension of the ribs and is often cut into boneless, country-style ribs, excellent for braising.

Divided into two sections: the side nearest the ribs is quite tender, and those first few inches are excellent cut into chuck eye steaks, often called Delmonico’s steaks. The other end, nearer the neck, is better suited for roasts and stews or ground. Because of this differentiation in tenderness, you’ll most often find the chuck eye roll cut into both steaks and roasts.

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