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Piave Cheese

Often compared to Italy’s most famous cheese Parmigiano-Reggiano, Piave boasts many similar features but still manages to assert its own distinct characteristics. Deliciously nutty, this pasteurized cow’s milk cheese hails from Northern Italy in the Veneto region. With an intense, almost sweet, taste, it has bold notes of tropical fruit flavor tempered by a slightly bitter finish, beautifully rounding out the palette. It's dense paste is punctuated by those characteristic pockets of crystallized cheese. Salty and crunchy, each bite of this sensational Piave offers something new and exciting!
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Piave Stravecchio - Aged 1 year
from Italy by Veneto
The essential companion to your polentas, this full-bodied formaggio from Italy is a rare discovery!
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
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Ubriaco del Piave
from Italy by Veneto
An incredible cheddar from Italy, soaked in wine, aged in grape leaves.
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About Piave Cheese

A true hidden gem, Piave cheese has been made for centuries within the Italian alps but never made it beyond localized sales. Named after the Piave river, the cheese inexplicably never made it out of the region. Its excellent qualities finally recognized, Piave is now being exported and enjoyed all over the world. This hard cooked curd cheese is classically made from cow’s milk. DOP protected, the only authentic Piave cheese is made in the Dolomites. Available in five versions (depending on the length of maturation) which can range from as little as 20 days to over 18 months. Strong and fruity with surprisingly little sharpness, you’ll love how well this cheese pairs with other flavors.

How to Serve Piave

Aged for a minimum of 12 months, Piave offers an incredible culinary range. An excellent table cheese, enjoy it sliced on its own or paired with fresh fruit for a simple repast. Thanks to its firm texture and complex flavor, it’s also wonderful, sliced thinly over salads or grated onto roasted vegetables, risottos, pasta, and soups. Always a welcome addition to cheese trays, it pairs well with the usual accouterments and makes for a very nice cheese course. From cooking to serving as-is, you’ll love the range and diversity of this tasty Italian cheese!

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