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Black Truffles

Black truffles – are rare and luxurious fungi with an earthy and musky flavor. They are highly prized in gourmet cuisine and used as a gourmet ingredient, adding depth and complexity to dishes such as pasta, risottos, and sauces, providing a decadent culinary experience.
Truffle Species
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29 - 31 of 31 products
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Black Summer Italian Truffle Peelings
Black Summer Italian Truffle Peelings
from Italy by Terroirs d'Antan

Paper-thin slices of summer truffles preserved in brine are the perfect garnish for your truffles dishes.

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Fresh Hungarian Honey Truffle
Fresh Hungarian Honey Truffle
from Hungary by

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These delicate truffles are a rare Hungarian specialty boasting a sweet finish and flavor notes of vanilla and brioche.

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Whole Black Winter Truffles - Preserved
Whole Black Winter Truffles - Preserved
from Italy by La Truffiere

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29 - 31 of 31 products
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In the age-old battle between black and white truffles, there are opinions like there are stars in the sky. But if you love the earthy, chocolatey flavor of black truffles, well, you’ve come to the right place! There’s a reason these are called black diamonds – that enveloping aroma, that intense flavor that coats a dish and your senses alike. We offer a great selection of French and Italian black truffle products – fresh truffles while in season, preserved truffles, and truffle shavings (great for garnishing!), plus a myriad of truffle sauces, pasta, mushrooms, butter, pastes, oils, even a fabulous truffle salt! Discover our full selection of black summer and winter truffles below.

Our selection includes a variety of related products, like black truffle and mushroom sauce, a great addition to pasta and risotto. Truffle oil takes a simple dish of rice into a black truffle mushroom risotto that will delight you, and our truffle shavings can beautifully turn a simple spaghetti dish into an elegant and luxurious black truffle mushroom pasta.


Black truffle pricing reflects their rarity. Prices can vary significantly based on factors such as truffle type, quality, size, availability, and market demand. The Périgord truffle fetches the highest black truffles price due to its exceptional aroma and flavor – expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars per pound, with larger, smoother it being more expensive. Other varieties are more available but not as flavorful nor aromatic, and so have lower price points. Keep in mind it cost fluctuates throughout the year due to seasonal availability, weather, limited supply, and the intricate harvesting process. Despite their high cost, the unique and intense flavor profile of black truffles justifies their value and is something that our customers return to again and gain.


Ordering black truffles online at Gourmet Food Store brings unparalleled convenience, superior quality, a wide selection, expert guidance, and freshness to your culinary endeavors. We source our truffles from the most reputable producers in the world and examine each batch for quality and freshness. They’re shipped from all corners of the world overnight, to preserve the quality, so each black gem is a culinary joy to receive.

Buy black truffles online from the comfort of your home, knowing that you are receiving the highest quality truffles carefully selected for their exceptional flavor. With a diverse range of options, including the coveted Périgord, buy black truffle online and we will provide expert guidance to help you make a perfect choice.

The mythical black truffle is one of our most coveted ingredients, which is why we carry such a comprehensive selection of products. We love it in all its presentations – in creamy truffle butter, in pungent truffle oils, in velvety truffle pastes. Discover gourmet truffles studding cheeses, mixed in with our best foie gras pates and mousses, floating in our best extra virgin olive oils, in sauces perfect for black truffle pasta, and even hidden in fine sea salt. The flavor of black summer and winter truffles always shines through, be it subtle or intense, and always adds a certain undefined yet unmistakable element of luxury and glamour even to the simplest of dishes. Whether you’re looking for fresh black truffles from Italy or France, or for a rare truffle cheese or a unique truffle gift, you’ll find at Gourmet Food Store we’ve got one of the most complete selections in the market! During the season, we get shipments twice a week of fresh truffles, from reputable truffle hunters that know and love their trade. Stock your pantry with our French and Italian black truffles or send them as the ultimate gourmet gift! We ship fresh gourmet truffles overnight, so you always get the most aromatic and flavorful product possible.

Black Truffles Questions And Answers

Q:What does a black truffle taste like?
A:Black truffles are exquisitely earthy, with a gorgeous musky aroma and nutty, mushroom flavor that is unique and unmistakable. Described as sensuous and satisfying, it’s a taste and flavor that’s both rich and pungent. The taste of a black truffle, freshly harvested, is intoxicating.
Q:What is so special about black truffles?
A:The beauty and magic of dark truffle gems lie in the depth and complexity they bring to dishes, their unique flavor and exquisite aroma amplifying the taste of other ingredients, turning simple foods into remarkable feasts.
Q:Do you eat black truffles raw?
A:Yes! Black truffles are simply shaved thinly into warm finished dishes – cooking the truffles themselves alters and diminishes their flavor. The best way to enjoy them is by using them as a finishing touch on warm dishes or incorporating them into preparations that allow their unique aroma and flavor to shine. From shaving them over hot plates to infusing them into oils or sauces, these methods aim to maximize the truffle's impact and create an unforgettable dining experience.
Q:Is a truffle a type of mushroom?
A:Yes, it is a type of mushroom, but it's a bit different from the mushrooms you might be familiar with. Unlike most mushrooms that grow above ground, black truffle mushrooms grow underground. They don't have a visible cap or stem like a regular mushroom, and the black truffle mushroom price is significantly higher than others.
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