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Usukuchi Shoyu - Light-Colored Soy Sauce

from Japan by Suehiro Shoyu
Item description Temp PRICE/FL OZ Price Qty Sku
1 bottle - 500 ml room temp $1.27 $21.51
12 bottles - 500 ml ea room temp $1.15 $232.44
1 bottle - 1 liter room temp $0.80 $27.09
12 bottles - 1 liter ea room temp $0.72 $292.44

Usukuchi Shoyu - Light-Colored Soy Sauce

This very special Japanese soy sauce offers all the bold umami flavor without the dark color. An essential ingredient in traditional Japanese cuisine, Usukuchi Shoyu is perfect for creating flavorful dishes where you want to add savory complexity without darkening the color of the dish.

Ideal for use in soups, clear broths, simmered dishes, and a host of other recipes where maintaining light or clear coloring is important. Slightly milder in taste than the darker variety, this soy sauce is also a favorite when highlighting other flavors.

The main difference between usukuchi shoyu and regular koikuchi shoyu is the production process. Usukuchi shoyu is made with more salt and less wheat, resulting in a lighter color. It also has a slightly saltier taste, which means it can be used in smaller quantities to achieve the desired flavor.

Ingredients: Water, soybean, wheat, salt.
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Asian Ingredient Categories: Asian Sauces, Shoyu, Soy Sauce
Origin: Japan

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