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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Nuovo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Nuovo

from Italy by Pruneti
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Nuovo

Pruneti does it again with another delicious addition to their sterling lineup of authentic Italian olive oils. Their Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bursting with a round, full-bodied taste and verdant coloring. Excellent in a wide range of dishes; we especially love enjoying this rich olive oil in the traditional Italian way. Simple yet effective, pour the oil generously over thick slices of grilled bread and sprinkle with sea salt. Pair with a good Italian red wine and bon appetit! Also, excellent when combined with balsamic to finish fresh green salads or drizzled over pasta, seafood, roasted veggies, and more to add its intense aromatic flavor, you’ll love the dimension it adds to your recipes.

What is Nuovo?

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nuovo is different from the other oils. It boasts a more robust flavor profile and intense aromatic characteristics because it is the freshest olive oil on the market! Meaning “new oil” Nuovo is the first batch of olive oil off the press. Ordinarily, olive oils are left to rest for several months after pressing; this allows the oils to mellow in flavor and the sediment to fall to the bottom before being bottled. With Pruneti’s EVOO Nuovo, the olives are picked, pressed, and bottled immediately, resulting in an oil with brilliant green color and a bold and aromatic flavor profile. A celebration of Italian olives at their finest; try our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nuovo for a real taste of the Mediterranean!

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction.
Storage: Keep in a cool place away from light.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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