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French Black Winter Truffles - Extra

from France by Plantin
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French Black Winter Truffles - Extra

The fresh truffle season is tantalizingly short, lasting just enough to give us an elusive glimpse of this incredible mushroom. Once the season ends, keep a jar of these great preserved whole black truffles in the pantry for a taste of truffles during the off season.

These fresh black winter truffles are preserved whole in a mix of water and salt. Marked “extra”, these are large and round, uniform, for perfect slices. First boiling means that they’ve only been cooked once, for best flavor. They’re not as fragrant or aromatic as fresh truffles, but rather very mild and subtle. While fresh truffles are shaved thinly into an already prepared dish (not cooked), with jarred truffles you can experiment a bit more (the price is more forgiving). A little heat brings out the flavor, so cooking is recommended – essential.

Drain and reserve the brine for sauces or soups. Chop or slice the truffles and add them to cream or butter-based sauces. Preserved truffles are excellent mixed with scrambled eggs for a glamorous breakfast, tossed into a salad vinaigrette, added to pasta or risotto, or mixed with butter to spread over toast for a great appetizer. Let them steep in olive oil and use for any preparation. Add them to truffle oil or truffle butter for more of a flavor impact.

These Winter Black Truffles come from France, from one of the biggest names in truffles – Plantin. Located in beautiful Provence, the heart of truffle country, Plantin has been selling fresh truffles and truffle products since 1930.

Ingredients: Tuber Melanosporum preserved in jar
Storage: at room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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