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Pekin Duck Confit

by Maple Leaf Farms
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Pekin Duck Confit

Prepared in the time-honored French tradition, our Pekin duck confit is sure to please anyone from the unadventurous eater to the refined gourmand. Slowly cooked in its own fat, our classic duck confit is rendered incredibly tender and flavorful. Fully cooked simply heat and eat for a convenient and delightful option. While duck confit provides a wonderful meal in itself, its rendered fat can also be used to roast or sauté vegetables, baste meats, or cook eggs.

A favorite method for preserving meat in pre-refrigeration France, confiting foods in fat, is an ingenious way to extend their shelf life while adding amazing savory flavor. Confiting works thanks to the fact that in environments of dense fat, unwelcome bacteria cannot live and thrive. So technically, and historically, perishable foods, once confited, didn’t have to stay below a certain temperature to remain edible, transforming into a pantry good that could rival staples like rice and crackers. However, today we refrigerate our confit and recommend you do the same.

Our premium grade-A Pekin duck confit from Maple Leaf farms is made from birds brought up on family-owned farms where their diet consists of an all-natural blend of corn, soy, and wheat, that Maple Leaf produces in their own feed mills. Completely free of antibiotics, hormones, and other additives, our duck is not only some of the most delicious but also some of the healthiest!

Pekin duck, Maple Leaf farms bird of choice, while technically a dish, is also a breed, sourced from (you guessed it) Pekin, China. Brought to Long Island generations ago, the White Pekin duck quickly became a favorite for its many admirable qualities, and remains one of the most popular varieties in America today. Boasting a mild flavor, White Pekin is less gamey in taste than other popular ducks like the Moulard, Muscovy, and Mallard. Thanks to its subtle nature White Pekin adapts wonderfully to a wide range of dishes and spices and makes it the ideal choice for confit.

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Q:Need to see an ingredients list. Food allergies. Thank you
A:The ingredients are: Duck, duc kfat, sea salt, pepper, yeast extract, spices.
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