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Snow Sugar - Heat, Humidity and Freezer Proof

by Pastry 1
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Snow Sugar - Heat, Humidity and Freezer Proof

Every dessert looks better after a liberal sprinkling of powdered sugar, however, due to its hygroscopic nature, powdered sugar generally doesn’t take long to disappear. Snow sugar solves that dilemma completely. Made from a combination of dextrose, starch, palm oil, and vanillin, our powdery alternative provides the same look as confectioner's sugar but without the fear of melting or the constant need for reapplication.  Delicately dust the tops of crackle topped cookies, coffee cakes, and pastries with snow sugar and enjoy the look of a fresh sprinkling of sugar all day long.

Scientifically formulated to resist moisture and remain impervious to high temperatures, snow sugar is a must-have ingredient for any baker’s kitchen. Less sweet than generic powdered sugar, it's a great garnish alternative but should not be used in recipes that call for powdered sugar as it will not give the same level of sweetness, and the starch will react differently, changing the outcome of your desserts.

Ideal for desserts on the wetter side like lemon bars, fruit tarts, or jam-filled Linzer tarts. High humidity, no problem! Freeze or refrigerate your desserts with no fear of your snow sugar disappearing. Virtually moisture-proof, it holds up well under plastic, keeping your desserts looking fresh and tempting all day. Available in 22-pound boxes, they can be purchased singly or in sets of two.


Ingredients: Dextrose, Maize Starch, Hardened Vegetable Fat (palm oil) , Nature-Identical Flavor (Vanillin).
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