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Decomalt - Grade AA Isomalt

by Pastry 1
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Decomalt - Grade AA Isomalt

Create crystal clear sugar art with Decomalt! Perfectly formulated for boiling, pulling, blowing, and casting, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! This sugar alternative acts in a similar way to sugar, but with none of the draw-backs. It doesn’t turn yellow when heated to high temperatures and stands up to humidity much better than cane sugar for decor work. Adorn your celebration cakes and desserts with beautiful sugar pieces.

A tasty sugar alternative Decomalt (Isomalt), is commonly found in sugar-free candies. Reacting very similarly in recipes to sugar, it is approachable and easy to work with. It’s also the ingredient of choice for pastry chefs and sugar artists who love to create edible works of art. Hardening with a clear and beautifully smooth and shiny finish. Make glass-like sculptures, gem stones, jewelery, and so much more. Easy to use and easy to color and flavor, you’ll love how quickly anyone can master this ingredient.

Decomalt is also known as Isomalt. It is a powdered sweetener made from beet sugar. Loved for its high resistance to humidity, it’s incredible flexibility and its resistance to crystalization. Offering superior shine and a beautiful finish, use this ingredient to create stunning wedding and special occasion cakes, candies, baked goods, ice cream and more! Endlessly versatile, you’ll find the skies the limit when it comes to Decomalt!

Ingredients: Hydrogenated saccharides derived from beet sugar.
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Questions and Answers

Q:What is isomalt?
A:Isomalt is a white, crystalline, sugar-free sweetener derived from beets. It that has no color and no odor and doesn’t caramelize or turn color when heated. It’s used for cake and pastry decorating, for creating sugar sculptures and especially for candy-making – it’s used predominantly for hard candies and chewing gums, and even cough drops.
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