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Creme Brulee Preparation

from Germany by Pastry 1
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1 bag - 11 lbs room temp $107.19 $107.19
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Creme Brulee Preparation

Crème brûlée: the epitome of indulgence, refinement, and simplicity, this quintessential French dessert is a favorite with all thanks to its manifold virtues. Thanks to the culinary prowess of Pastry 1, it’s never been easier to whip up this classic dessert. Their Crème brûlée powder preparation eliminates the need to heat cream, temper egg yolks, and all the other foundational steps associated with making Crème brûlée. Just mix the ingredients with milk and heavy cream, bring to a boil, and refrigerate for 2 hours until set. When ready to serve: sprinkle liberally with sugar and torch into caramelized perfection.

Crème brûlée vs Crema Catalana

At first glance, these two luxurious desserts seem to be identical, but upon closer inspection of their history and their ingredients, you’ll find that, in fact, they are two separate creations. Essentially each is a sweet custard with a topping of sugar. Where these two desserts deviate are in the ingredients. Crema Catalana is made with milk, relying on the aid of cornstarch to help thicken it. Crème brûlée, in contrast is made with heavy whipping cream leading to a stouter custard. Its crust of sugar also tends to be thicker than its Spanish counterpart. Finally, the flavors: Crème brûlée is classically infused with vanilla, while Catalana; is most commonly found, flavored with orange, lemon, or cinnamon.

Ingredients: Sugar, modified starch, flavors (lactose), jelling agent E407, coloring matter E160a and E101, thickener E410,salt, acidity regulator E340, E332.
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Questions and Answers

Q:How many servings are in 1 bag?
A:There are approximately 230-250 4 oz serving size of creme brulee resulting from one bag of 11 lbs.
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