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Hawaiian Molokai Coffee Sea Salt - Coarse

from United States by Markys
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Hawaiian Molokai Coffee Sea Salt - Coarse

Hawaii, a paradise known for its lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, is also celebrated for its unique additions to the culinary world. Among these treasures is the delightful Hawaiian Molokai Coffee Sea Salt, a seasoning that embodies the essence of the islands.

Molokai Coffee Sea Salt is a product of both nature and innovation. Coffee cultivation has a long history on the island, dating back to the 19th century. The volcanic soils and tropical climate of Molokai create the perfect conditions for coffee cultivation, producing beans known for their unique flavor profiles.

Molokai Coffee Company, founded in the 1980s, was among the first to cultivate coffee on the island. They eventually stumbled upon the idea of merging this beloved Hawaiian crop with another local treasure: sea salt.

The salt used is sourced from the pristine waters surrounding the island, where the Pacific Ocean's waves meet the shores of Molokai. Seawater is collected and evaporated under the warm Hawaiian sun, leaving behind a pure, briny essence. This seawater is then combined with finely ground Molokai coffee beans, resulting in the unique flavor and character of Molokai Coffee Sea Salt.

The marriage of coffee and sea salt produces a distinctive blend of rich, earthy coffee notes and the subtle brininess of the sea. This versatile salt adds depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes, from sweet to savory.

Sprinkle it on your freshly brewed coffee or espresso to add a touch of island luxury. The delicate coffee undertones enhance the flavors, making each sip a delightful experience. In savory dishes, Hawaiian coffee sea salt acts as a flavor enhancer. It pairs exceptionally well with grilled meats, such as steak or chicken, adding a smoky depth and a hint of coffee essence. It's also fantastic as a finishing touch on salads, roasted vegetables, or even popcorn.

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Types of Spices: Sea Salt & Rock Salt
Origin: United States

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