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French Almond Macarons Gift Box

from France by Markys
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French Almond Macarons Gift Box

Our French macarons gift box is filled with twelve delicious cookies. Every boxed assortment includes two of each flavor: Vanilla, Coffee, Pistachio, Raspberry, Lemon, and Chocolate. Offering a tempting range of tastes and a lovely rainbow of pastel colors; these delicate cookies are the perfect addition to your next buffet or afternoon tea. A delightful dessert or an elegant party favor, you’ll find no end of uses for these tempting French macarons!

So what are macarons anyway? There remains some confusion around the popular sandwich cookie, thanks to its similarities (in both ingredients and name) with the macaroon. Though only one ‘o’ separates these treats in terms of monikers, they are very different. An in-depth account of the history of these two cookies can be found here. Suffice it to say that French Macarons and Macaroons differ in every major way: appearance, taste, and ingredients. However, if history isn’t your thing, just remember the macaron looks like a tiny colorful hamburger, while the macaroon more closely resembles a haystack.

Light and airy, these cloud-like meringue-based cookies will melt in your mouth, leaving behind the exquisite taste of whatever luxurious fillings they hold. Unlike any other cookie, Parisian macarons offer a singularly delicious eating experience. Tender, with just the right amount of chew, it’s one of our most popular treats on the website. Now you don’t have to live in Paris to get authentic French pastries, instead order your macarons online right here! Carefully packaged and quickly shipped, you’ll receive these tasty French cookies before you know it. For all your needs, order macarons online at your one-stop shop for all your favorite foods: Gourmet Food Store!

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Sweets Selection: French Macarons
Origin: France

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Questions and Answers

Q:Do these macarons come frozen? If not, can they be frozen after receiving them until Christmas?

Yes. Macarons can be frozen up to 6 months


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