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Lobster Tails - Canadian Cold Water

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Lobster Tails - Canadian Cold Water

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your boss, a date, or a family member, there’s no better gift than these cold water lobster tails.

The lobsters were caught using baited traps in the ice-cold, coastal waters of Canada, and were processed during the pinnacle of freshness, putting them a cut above their warm water counterparts. The Canadian lobster tails come frozen, ensuring they keep their natural juices and firm consistency. While raw, they have a mottled green-brown appearance, but once cooked they redden, and the see-through flesh turns into sweet, white meat that’s mouthwateringly tender.

Lobster is the perfect centerpiece to a special event or celebratory meal, and you can tie it in with hundreds of gourmet recipes. Thaw it by storing it in the refrigerator for ten hours, or, if you’re short on time, let it sit in cool water for an hour (in a real pinch you could defrost it in the microwave, but be careful you don’t accidentally cook it!). Consider butterflying and broiling the shells meat-side-up. Then serve them warm with butter and lemon juice, and maybe corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw or a broccoli salad on the side. Alternatively, grill the tails and combine with a light rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, or blanched asparagus. Whatever sides you use, keep them mild so they don’t overpower those scrumptious lobster flavors! Baby artichokes, for example, will complement the lobster by making it taste that much sweeter.

Of course, lobster doesn’t always mean fancy, and if you have any leftover meat you could incorporate it into a salad or sandwich to eat the next day. Sometimes perfection is that simple!

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Questions and Answers

Q:How many lobster tails do u get for 10 lbs?
A:There are approximately 22 tails in the 10 lbs box.
Q:advertised as 7/8 oz. or are they 7 to 8 oz tails
A:These tails are 7-8 oz each.
Q:are these frozen?
A:Yes, these Lobster Tails are frozen.

Lobster Tails - Canadian Cold Water Recipes

Lemon-Butter Boiled Lobster Tails Recipe
Lemon-Butter Boiled Lobster Tails Recipe
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