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Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak MS6 - Whole

Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak MS6 - Whole, PRE-ORDER

from Australia by Broadleaf
15 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $66.44 $996.60
15 lbs, whole, uncut frozen $66.44 $996.60 2052514
3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $58.00 $2610.00
3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut frozen $58.00 $2610.00 2052516

Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steak MS6 - Whole, PRE-ORDER

The Australian Wagyu beef supply is currently very limited, so we can only offer this product by pre-order at this time. This means items usually ship out within two to three weeks but may ship out later or earlier, as stock becomes available. This item is NOT eligible for our Requested Delivery Date program and can not be guaranteed for delivery on a specific date.

The New York Strip is a popular favorite and a steakhouse classic. With intense flavor and bold notes of meaty taste, this is the first choice for any true meat lover. Known for its 'bite,' the New York Strip has an excellent chew - one of the hallmarks that have earned it a devoted fan-base. The rich marbling inherent to this cut helps create its robust taste and adds a luxurious quality, which is only intensified thanks to the fact that our whole NY Strip comes from premium Australian Wagyu cattle!

Our Wagyu NY Strip is carefully hand-trimmed, making it faster and easier to break down this cut into your favorite portions. Buying your meat by the whole muscle is not only a great way to save money while still indulging in some of the best Wagyu on the market; it also allows you to customize your meats! Get your steaks as thick or as thin as you want them, or leave whole for an impressive roast. However, you choose to fabricate this delightful portion; we're certain you're going to be happy with the fantastic savor and excellent combination of tenderness and chew it provides.

This premium portion is sourced from one of the leading purveyors of specialty and exotic meats: Broadleaf! With quality at the center of everything they produce, their Australian Wagyu NY Strip comes from cattle that never receive any antibiotics, hormones, or other chemical additives or enhancements, making this luxurious portion not only delicious but also healthy! Steeped heavily in tradition, the practice of raising Wagyu cattle is full of time-honored practices and customs. The Wagyu cattle ranches in Australia, carefully follow these same techniques to ensure their products not only live up to but exceed the expectations of Wagyu lovers the world over. Thanks to this dedication, our Australian Wagyu does just that! Start enjoying all the excellent qualities of this specialty meat today by placing your order right here on Gourmet Food Store!

Marble Score: 6
Availability: Usually ships within 22 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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2052507 15 lbs, whole, uncut 13.50 lbs. - 16.50 lbs. $66.44
2052514 15 lbs, whole, uncut 13.50 lbs. - 16.50 lbs. $66.44
2052515 3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut 42.00 lbs. - 47.00 lbs. $58.00
2052516 3 x 15 lbs, whole, uncut 42.00 lbs. - 47.00 lbs. $58.00