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Grass Fed Eye of Round

Grass Fed Beef Eye of Round

from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
2 pieces, 4 lbs ea frozen $10.53 $84.24
2 pieces, 4 lbs ea chilled $10.53 $84.24
4 x 2 pieces, 4 lbs ea frozen $9.20 $294.40
4 x 2 pieces, 4 lbs ea chilled $9.20 $294.40

Grass Fed Beef Eye of Round

The eye of round is sourced from the primal cut known simply as the round. This is home to flavorful and inexpensive cuts that tend to be on the tougher side due to continual use. Getting a lot of action, the round is lean, but when cooked low and slow renders amazingly tasty and meltingly soft results. Looking strikingly similar to tenderloin, the eye of round is tougher but has arguably bolder, more intense taste. Perfect for roasts, this versatile portion can also easily be fabricated into stew meat or cubed steak to add flavor and dimension to recipes.

Lean and boneless, there is little to no preparation involved when preparing an eye of round. Relatively small it’s best prepared when cooked slowly, a la roasting or braising until quite tender. To maximize this effect, slice it into very thin pieces against the grain, to further shorten and cut through the tough and fibrous meat. Our delicious grass-fed and finished eye of round roast from Broadleaf comes in a petit 4-pound portion, perfect for slowly cooking until tender. If you prefer steak, this versatile cut is easy to portion down yourself and requires no trimming. Sold in packages of two, cook one and save the other for another meal or prepare them both if hosting a large crowd!

Sourced from the lush pasturelands of New Zealand’s verdant countryside, Broadleaf sources only the finest grass-fed and finished cattle. Thanks to their natural diet and lifestyle, the beef harvest from these cattle is imbued with a singularly delicious taste, and a lean, and full-bodied flavor profile. Along with superior flavor, our grass-fed beef also boasts a laundry list of health benefits. Leaner than generic beef, yet with higher quantities of healthy fats like CLAs and Omega-3s, they are also high in many antioxidants and minerals necessary to a well-balanced lifestyle. Grass-fed beef is not only delicious but healthy. Try this premium beef for yourself today and taste the grass-fed difference!

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