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Grass Fed Chuck Ribs, Boneless

Grass Fed Beef Chuck Ribs, Boneless

from New Zealand by Angus Pure Special Reserve
2 pieces, 1.15 lbs ea chilled $12.93 $29.09
18 x pieces, 1.15 lbs ea chilled $11.00 $440.00
2 pieces, 1.15 lbs ea frozen $11.69 $26.30
18 x pieces, 1.15 lbs ea frozen $10.25 $410.00

Grass Fed Beef Chuck Ribs, Boneless

Also known as beef ribs, braising ribs, or sometimes simply short ribs, our Angus grass-fed beef chuck ribs are a juicy, meaty, slice of perfection! Always a crowd favorite, chuck ribs are loved for their rich flavor, and when slowly braised or smoked, render buttery-soft meat with a full-bodied robust taste.

Big, beefy, and beautiful, our chuck ribs come from the lower end of the rack. A much more generous portion of meat than traditional beef back ribs, whose skimpy amount of meat (typically only a mouthful between each bone) has earned them the name ‘shiners’ denoting the bones that visibly shine through. Our generously portioned boneless chuck ribs are packaged in packs of two, each weighing roughly 1.15lbs each. Sourced from AngusPure, New Zealand's foremost grass-fed beef purveyor, our Angus chuck ribs are some of the tastiest you’ll ever try!

Raised on the lush pastures of New Zealand's azure countryside, all our Angus cattle are not only grass-raised but also grass-finished, imbuing their meat with a singularly delicious almost herbaceous quality. Truly living up to their name, AngusPure provides us with the pure and unadulterated taste of real juicy beef! Never administered any hormones or antibiotics, each of our cows can be easily traced, so you know exactly where it was raised and how it was butchered, ensuring that you’re getting the kind of meat you always dreamed of.

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