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Gourmet Food StoreTruffles And MushroomsFresh TrufflesFresh Black Winter Truffles from Italy with Cuts
Fresh Black Winter Truffles from Italy with Cuts

Fresh Black Winter Truffles from Italy with Cuts

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2 oz chilled $994.50 $129.50 1815101
4 oz chilled $948.75 $237.25 1815102
8 oz chilled $936.00 $468.00 1815103
1 lb chilled $877.50 $877.50 1815104

Fresh Black Winter Truffles from Italy with Cuts

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a truffle by its skin. Sometimes, nature delivers great gems that are hidden by outside imperfections, like these fresh winter black truffles from Italy (tuber Melanosporum) with a “cracked” exterior. They might not be pretty on the outside, but inside, they have the same earthy flavor and intoxicating aroma.

These ugly duckling truffles are not perhaps what you would want to shave tableside but are perfect to grate or slice thinly over a dish, to toss into sauces or stuff into heritage chicken, or perhaps to prepare your own preserved truffles, truffle oil or truffle butter. At a super competitive price, you can afford to experiment!

These truffles are available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 oz. quantities, each truffle weighing less than 0.7 oz. (20 grams).

Instructions for use and storage: Don't cook for long periods of time or over excessive heat. Shave over dishes at the end of the preparation or when plating. The heat from your dish will bring out the aroma and flavor of the truffle. Store in the refrigerator wrapped in a paper towel.

Important Pricing and Availability Details: Fresh truffles are delivered to us twice weekly from Italy. Prices listed can only be guaranteed for orders shipped out ASAP. Prices can update each week. Orders for fresh truffles placed with a requested future delivery date, will be charged based on the prevailing price for the week the truffles ship. With all fresh truffle products you are charged based on the actual weight shipped.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
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1815101 2 oz 0.11 lbs. - 0.15 lbs. $994.50
1815102 4 oz 0.22 lbs. - 0.27 lbs. $948.75
1815103 8 oz 0.47 lbs. - 0.52 lbs. $936.00
1815104 1 lb 0.95 lbs. - 1.05 lbs. $877.50