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French Cheese Sampler Board 2
French Cheese Sampler Board

French Cheese Sampler Board 2

from France by
5 Cheese Assortment Includes:
  • 6.3 oz, Langres Chalancey
  • 8.8 oz, Epoisses Berthaut
  • 7.0 oz, Delice de Bourgogne - 72%
  • 10 oz, Caprifeuille Saint Maure
  • 1 lb cut portion, Morbier
$63.19  was  $74.41

French Cheese Sampler Board 2

This set of French cheeses includes Langres Chalancey, Epoisses Berthaut, Delice de Cremiers, Caprifeuille Saint Maure, and Morbier. Just take out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving – cheeses are best enjoying at room temperature, add some crackers, nuts, a piece of honeycomb and some fresh fruit, and the perfect cheese platter is ready to go.

Langres Chalancey: Cow’s milk. Semi-soft. A young and creamy cheese with a wrinkly rind from the region of Champagne, Langres has a sweet flavor, creamy texture, a fragrant aroma and an aftertaste of honey and truffles.

Epoisses Berthaut: Cow’s Milk. Soft. Hailing from the Cote-d'Or and Burgundy regions of France, Epoisses is rubbed with Marc de Bourgogne, which tints the washed rind, and has an incredibly decadent, creamy texture that almost oozes out of the rind – uber spreadable - and a sweet and subtle flavor. This is one of the so-called “stinky” French cheeses, so the aroma is intense.

Delice des Bourgogne: Cow’s milk. Triple cream. Rich, velvety, and everything a cheese should be, Delice des Bourgogne melts on the tongue and is just plain divine. This cheese comes from Burgundy and it’s enriched with crème fraiche. With the characteristic bloomy rind outside (we don't recommend you eat it).

Caprifeuille Saint Maure: Goat’s milk. A traditional French chevre, this log-shaped aged goat cheese from the Loire Valley is a store favorite. With a wonderful dense texture, the flavor of Caprifeuille is fresh and a big tangy, with hints of lemon, becoming sweeter and nuttier as it ages.

Morbier: Cow’s Milk. Semi-Soft. From the region of Franche-Comte, this classic French fromage is instantly recognizable for its layer of ash. It’s a firm, elastic cheese with a nutty, fruity flavor, and it melts beautifully, so besides serving this on the cheese board, save some for an amazing grilled cheese.

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