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Forks - Transparent Clear Plastic

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250 units - 10 cm room temp $14.13 $14.13 3305001

Forks - Transparent Clear Plastic

Avoid the cleanup and make life a little easier on yourself by turning to our plastic cutlery options! These small forks are the perfect size for anything from salads to canapés and appetizers. Their elegant shape and diminutive size are perfect for presentation purposes and look excellent on the buffet line. Transparent in color, they are subtle in appearance, melting into the background while allowing the food on display to shine.

Hefty and well-made there’s no need to worry about these forks breaking or falling apart while in use. Instead of having to wash a whole host of forks knives and spoons at the end of an event, simply throw them out so you can turn your attention to more important things. While compostable utensils have gained popularity in recent years, they tend to not only be three to four times as expensive but also more prone to breaking. For those of us working in the hospitality industry and operating our businesses on a thin margin of profit, these pricier and often less efficient options simply aren't viable. Cheap, efficient, and useful, turn to our time-tested plastic options, and forget about the mess!

Ingredients: Plastic.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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