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Bourbon Vanilla Extract with Seeds

from France by Eurovanille
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1 bottle - 2.53 fl oz room temp $14.22 $14.22
6 bottles - 2.53 fl oz ea room temp $12.80 $76.80

Bourbon Vanilla Extract with Seeds

Subtle yet complex, Eurovanille has created the ideal all-purpose vanilla extract. Delicately balanced, the liquid Planifolia vanilla sourced from Madagascar, is best characterized by its forward notes of woody, spicy flavor followed by a sweet fruity finish. With a texture slightly silkier and more viscous than many other vanilla extracts on the market, this vanilla infuses your recipe with intensely delicious flavor. With the seeds included, you’ll love the extra flavor; and the speckled look it adds to your recipes, immediately showing you’re using real vanilla.

Eurovanille has been creating incredible vanilla products since 1990 for everyone, from the avid home baker to the professional pastry chef. Sourcing the finest vanilla beans directly from small farms, they offer a direct connection to the people that grow the best vanilla in the world. Dedicated to providing innovative solutions to expand the vanilla supply, Eurovanille guarantees total traceability of their sustainably sourced vanilla beans.

For a taste of some of the best vanilla available, be sure to try this Bourbon Vanilla Extract with Seeds from Eurovanille. Available for purchase in 2.5-ounce bottles, you can buy this vanilla singly or in packages of two. Great for everything from ice creams and mousse to cakes, frostings, and creme brulee, you’ll love the extreme versatility of this essential extract.

Ingredients: Invert sugar syrup, Bourbon vanilla concentrate (2.9%), spent vanilla seeds (0.6%).
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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