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Sherry Wine Vinegar (Vinagre de Jerez)

from Spain by Don Bruno
Item description Temp PRICE/FL OZ Price Qty Sku
1 bottle - 25.4 fl oz room temp $0.58 $14.85
12 bottles - 25.4 fl oz ea room temp $0.47 $143.04
1 jug - 5 liters room temp $0.27 $45.20 6003602
4 jugs - 5 liters ea room temp $0.25 $165.76 6003606

Sherry Wine Vinegar (Vinagre de Jerez)

A uniquely delicate yet full-bodied vinegar made from fine sherry wine, matured in the traditional Spanish solera system. 8% acidity. Sweet, fragrant, with a pleasantly tart finish. A traditional and authentic Spanish Sherry wine, Don Bruno's is prepared by all-natural methods from fine wines as a base.
Ingredients: PX (Pedro Ximenez) grapes vinegar. 8% acidity.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Vinegar: Sherry Vinegar
Origin: Spanish

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