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An important ingredient in modern molecular gastronomy, Versawhip creates a whipped foam that allows the culinary imagination to run wild! A soy protein; it can replace egg whites or gelatin in the stabilization of various ingredients. Boasting greater strength than eggs and a wider temperature range than gelatin, Versawhip is an adaptable and handy ingredient. While it will not work with ingredients containing fat, it performs beautifully when combined with acidic elements. Enhance your next meal with foamed vinegar or create an artisanal whiskey sour with delightful lemon foam garnish. No matter how you decide to use this sensational ingredient, we’re certain you’ll love the creativity it offers.

With no egg flavor to worry about, Versawhip provides a strong, tasteless foam that can withstand conditions no egg whites would ever hold up to. It also is less likely to separate or weep over time and has a greater flavor release and lower bacteria risk. Easy to use, Versawhip cannot be overbeaten and can be used for both hot and cold foams. The perfect solution for creating Vegan alternatives to classic recipes, be sure to keep a container of Versawhip at the ready for whenever you’re feeling imaginative in the kitchen.

Ingredients: Enzyme modified soy protein, sugar, sodium hexametaphosphate.
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