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Kappa - Carrageenan

from France by Cuisine Tech
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Kappa - Carrageenan

The ideal ingredient for gelling and thickening so many of your favorite recipes, the versatility of Kappa Carrageenan makes it popular with chefs around the world. Ideal for setting vegan cheeses into firm, sliceable blocks, it’s also an excellent thickener that will keep your puddings from separating and make weeping a thing of the past. Compatible with most starches, you’ll find Kappa Carrageenan, one of the most versatile gelling agents available.

Similar to Agar Agar, Kappa Carrageenan is a gelling and thickening agent made from Algae. Kappa Carrageenan provides a clear, brittle gel, akin to animal-based gelatin. Just like Agar, Carageenan requires heat. Bring your Kappa to at least 185F to ensure it becomes properly activated. 100% natural suspend, emulsify, and thicken like you never have before with this versatile hydrocolloid.

Ingredients: Carrageenan, maltodextrin.
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Questions and Answers

Q:What is Carrageenan?
A:Carrageenan is a gelling and thickening agent that's derived from edible algae known as Irish Moss. It's a vegan alternative to gelatin, and is used for ice creams, baby formula, non-diary milks, and cheeses.
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